Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Porcupine and the Malamute

Now that looks painful
Was it curiosity that got ya into this
Or brash temperament on your behalf
Either way, it's turned out bad

Halfway between home and Bluff Cabin Lake
The trail grows dark in the shade
Of cottonwood, aspen, and spruce white and black
Where strange creatures walk old glacier dust

We've leisured long on lake shore sands
In the full sun of midsummer days
But now were gonna have to rip those out boy
And learn to heed the master's call

Oh we'll still run off into the dark woods
Through deep spruce thickets and rose hip brambles
Just watch your step when instinct demands
Lest you get a snout full of quills to suffer the pluck

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cotton Mouth

Winter storm outta the south
Sends pink cotton spun clouds at sundown
To rest atop the big rock candy mountains
Sending a thunder of sugar upon their slopes

A little honey to soothe parched throats
Lick sweet crystals paused on cracked lips
Change the music box tune up a little
And get back in the game
Of cookin' up syrup from the sap in the pans

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Return to the Land of the Ahwahneechee

More of a longing to practice bushcraft than an outing of me actually Doing. An ode to bushcraft if you will. Also of a people and of a land. Some older pictures and words used here before, but mixed with new ones and in movie form. We get out when we can and do what we can. Yet even if little is done, we learn more along the way with every minute in the wilderness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adventures in HDR

I've been having some fun messing around with some new HDR photo rendering software. And since the muse has been very elusive for a while now, I figure I'll post some of these old photos shown in a new light for now. I really enjoy the effects that can be achieved with this process so there will be more to come. Enjoy

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Return to the Boneyard Camp

Had a few hours to spend in the woods at the in-laws last weekend. So I set up camp and brewed some tea, relaxed, and made a little movie. Enjoy

Available in 720 HD

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quaking Aspen

Aspen in the Fall of Summer's wane
Turn their leaves like the pages of life
Through seasons of comedy and tragedy in vain
As chapters fill with harmony and strife

But, beauty permeates their words none the less
As the wind rustles through their fires of gold
Bringing the song of the easing stress
And tides of peace roll in to take hold

Their heartwood easily with time grows soft
As their eyes gently age with each passing year
Their gaze ever fixed skyward aloft
Reveling in their journey of faith without fear

These golden haired children of the West well abide
With growth from the roots of one single seed
Together they shine like crowns upon a hillside
And commune as one in their time of need

If there is one lesson that the aspen teach well
It's don't hesitate to fall humbly to the ground
Don't cling to treetops, come down for a spell
And let your soul be nourished with Love all around

Let your quaking be still for a while and wait
Rest your worries beneath warm blankets of snow
What happens to you is not up for debate
For His Springs shall allow your new leaves to grow

                                                                                                                            Available in HD 720p

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Giant Sequoia

What grandeur splendid views avail
What aspirations humble and ease
Where time and space begin to fail
Where the wills of men cannot please

There are giants among us who dwell in the land
From thickets and brambles and unshackled chains
His spirit pours forth from vessels at hand
Cobbled together in their glacier-side remains

I imagine the Lord in all His divine
Pounding and beating within their mass
Resounding deep rumblings through roots intertwine
Which lace these hills and hold steadfast

Beaming essence of life throughout their ways
Saying "Thrive and here ye shall stand for ages!"
And they respond in awe with their grace
Adhering as to the words written on pages

Their hearts of blood deep purple never grey
Surrounded by the gold under furrowed pelts
Shining as the first rays of the day
That glows and burns bright through snow that melts

To emanate the golden rose of heaven bound dreams
Held captured above the forest floor
The faithful devout in their humble means
Of millenniums among the wilderness of yore

Oh the gift upon them bestowed
Of hot irons forged in spirit's helm
Their protected groves not worn nor exposed
As crosses necklaced across their realm