Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Video Added - The Sierra Monsoon

Got around to making a video for what was my fourth poem written here two years ago: The Sierra Monsoon
Available in HD 720

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Buddhas and Beats on the Hillside

Content upon his place of rest
in the garden of the golden eternal.
Sun heating the grasses through in waves
across the quieted clearings.

Long ago he came to this spot.
Found the exposure to suit his temperament.
Built a home for a seed to grow,
so that he could have shade from summer's fury.

One hand with upturned palm
holding soil and oak seedlings.
Three spirits condensed in rock and earth and tree.
Solid, sifted through, and alive.

Old bones ground to dust in this handcraft mortar.
Minerals of the cosmos slowly released
from comets connecting with the surface.
Vibrations being sent throughout the land.

Millennia in the sand and rain.
Slowly this granite decomposes,
turning to grains both course and fine.
Mixing the soil and becoming the hill anew.

Taken up by grasses and flowers.
Become pollen or seeds carried by the wind.
Or washed along in the runoff,
only to sprout further downstream.

Born again a thousand times over.
Until worn away enough
to be covered over lightly embedded.
Returned to the earth once more.

Turn the wheel.
Hum the message.
Offer the prayer.
And sustain the flow.

Happy, well rested medicine Buddha.
Fat and smiling satisfied in the shade.
Sitting still at 1,000 miles an hour,
as this planetary foundation spins forever round.

His tea leaves steep among these rolling slopes.
Trees, grasses, and flowers let go.
Give off steam as the pressures subside.
Release their intertwined earthbound holds.

Tarweed - Madia elegans

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fishin' Stick Tracker Challenge

While gathering with family at a friend's Tiroler Berghutte high in the Sierra's last weekend, I made m'self a fishin' stick out of live oak. Here's a quick vid and some Polka for ye'r pleasure!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A High Sierra Trail Dayhike

5 falls ring round Valhalla's cirque
Whose thunder booms above the murk
Where path winds through the rock and wood
Which I traveled as if berserk

For this hall must be understood
Viewed from afar the best I could
And turned around outside its walls
One day's travel too far for good

Gifts bestowed from Valkyrie calls
Whose runes spoken above the squalls
That tell of lands to rightly roam
Free from the warrior's swinging mauls

Before granite waves rise and foam
I must return before night's gloam
And miles to go before I'm home
And miles to go before I'm home

Czech rucksack

Moro Rock resting above Three Rivers and beyond

The Great Western Divide

Upper range of the Black Oak - Quercus kelloggii

Western Wallflower - Erysimum capitatum

Mountain Misery - Chamaebatia foliolosa

Mehrten Creek

Mehrten Creek


Same photo as above. Just later on the return trip.

Castle Rocks above the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River

Buck Creek Canyon

Fivespot - Nemophila maculata

Torrey's Blue-Eyed Mary - Collinsia torreyi

Western Blue-Bellied Fence Lizard - Tantilla hobartsmithi

Alta Peak

Cliff Creek and Glacier Pass

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Range Day At Englishman Ridge

An English friend of ours had his family from the old country in town. He was nice enough to invite us along for a day at his range. They tell me that in England it is hard to get a permit to actually own a gun. And if you get that permit, you have to keep your gun at the gun club and can only shoot it there or if you are hunting. So not to get into the politics of things, we thought we would just show them a good time at the range. I can fairly say we all enjoyed every minute of it.

Do ya feel lucky punk?....... Well, do ya?

Ruger 44 Magnum

Marlin 30-30       Savage win 270       Marlin Greenfield 22

Ruger 10-22

Three brothers enjoying a moment

Wayne and his Winchester 30-30

James and his newly built AR 15 firing for the first time

Mark and an M-16

Adventure Sworn getting' in on the action

Yours Truly with Josh's AR and iron sights. I enjoyed this gun the most.

Oh bloody 'ell......

Afterwards, went back to Munkle's Garage to see what the boys were workin' on.

Barrel-rider and the '62 Comet

And of course, Lil' Sleepy